Geoff Heck

President and Chief Operating Officer

ABOUT Geoff Heck

Geoff Heck is a distinguished aviation executive with a career spanning over 26 years in the industry. An experienced pilot, Geoff accumulated over 1,400 flight hours including flying freight and air ambulance to remote locations. These early experiences, however, revealed a preference for working closely with people, prompting a shift towards aviation management.

Joining Signature Flight Support in 1995, Heck swiftly ascended through various management positions within the network. In his longstanding tenure, Heck's roles have been both dynamic and influential. As the Senior Vice President of Operations for North America, he oversaw the management of over 4,000 employees and was responsible for the operational integrity of 130 Fixed Base Operations (FBOs). Before this role, he served as the Senior Vice President of Operations East and Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. 

In his latest role, Heck assumes pivotal responsibilities at Aero Centers. His mandate includes driving safety, operational effectiveness, and enhancing customer experience. He will be leading a team of over 250 members, with operational oversight across the company's comprehensive portfolio, which includes a range of traditional FBO services such as fuel, hangar, parking, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft management, charter, and brokerage at Aero Center Epps Atlanta (PDK).

Throughout his career, Heck has been committed to nurturing talent, encouraging employees to achieve their full potential in diverse operational areas, including safety, customer service, marketing and sales . He takes pride in mentoring his teams to become transformational leaders themselves. For Heck, the greatest reward lies in assembling and elevating a team where each member contributes uniquely and learns collaboratively, achieving collective success and soaring to new heights in the aviation industry.

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Jeremy Epperson

“Jeremy is a true world-class leader in the aviation community,” said S. Michael Scheeringa, co-founder and managing director of SAR Trilogy Management.

His life-long passion for the industry and history of developing both people and markets made Jeremy the first and natural choice to lead Aero Centers.

Epperson started his aviation career in the United States Marine Corps, where he developed his leadership and passion to serve. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, and is a commercial pilot with P135 experience. He has demonstrated his affection for the business with successful FBO leadership roles at Signature and Republic. 

Aero Centers will bring a level of professionalism and experience back to aviation communities,” added Jeremy Epperson. “Our FBOs demonstrate to the industry we are committed to first-class facilities with knowledgeable and experienced local team members with a passion for aviation. I am very excited to lead the team responsible for developing full-service FBOs and delivering customer-centric service to all aviation customers in a community. I had a vision for bringing passion, fun, and expertise back into aviation communities, just like it was 30 years ago. Aero Centers’ focus on full-service FBOs brings the dream to reality.

Jeremy Epperson

Sanjay Aggarwal

Aggarwal has over 25 years of experience in the aviation and hospitality industries. Aggarwal is a co-founder of SAR Trilogy Management. Previously until 2015, he was the CEO of Global Crew Logistics (GCL), a Miami-based travel management company specializing in the movements and accommodation of business aviation and cargo airlines’ flight crews. GCL doubled its EBITDA in a short two-year period under Aggarwal’s leadership. 

Between 2008 and 2013, Sanjay served as CEO of two commercial airlines in India – Spicejet (a private-equity-backed low-cost air carrier) and Kingfisher Airlines (a publicly listed full-service carrier). Under his leadership, Spicejet saw its first profitable year and increased its domestic market share from 7% to 12%. Prior to that, he served as COO of Flight Options LLC, one of the world’s largest operators of business jets. He and Scheeringa worked together to take Flight Options to profitability. 

Earlier, Sanjay worked in IT, strategy, financial planning and other roles at Marriott International and US Airways. He received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University in India and his MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. 

Sanjay Aggarwal is a co-founder of SAR Trilogy Management


Scheeringa has almost 30 years of experience in general and commercial aviation as an operator and supplier. Scheeringa is a co-founder and managing director of SAR Trilogy Management, an aviation investment and management company. Before he founded SAR Trilogy in 2015, he was the President and CEO of BBA Aviation Flight Support, which comprised Signature Flight Support, the world’s leading FBO network, and ASIG, a leading operator of commercial aviation fueling services. Under his leadership, Signature grew from 85 to 124 global locations, almost doubled in revenue and tripled profit resulting in the company outperforming the market in 65 out of the last 72 months of Scheeringa’s tenure.

From 2004-2008, Scheeringa served as CEO of Flight Options LLC, one of the world’s largest operators of business jets. He was responsible for the turnaround of the business taking it from a negative 20% margin to a positive 5% margin. Prior to that he spent 13 years at US Airways in officer-level positions in network and operations planning and as the head of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries. 

Scheeringa received his BS in Transportation and Logistics Management from Arizona State University. Scheeringa was a board member of the Central Florida Expressway Authority. He is a Past Chairman of the National Air Transportation Association and a private pilot.

Michael Scheringa Founder of Aero Centers